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TempusDirect-Liability: A proprietary cost management solution created for unrepresented bodily injury claimants. We’ve created a solution that combines the best of two cost containment models. First, we built effectiveness with our proprietary database and platform to achieve best in industry success rates and discounts on claimant medical specials. Then we added efficiency with an adjuster-centric referral link and the only solution capable of retrieving, discounting and paying the provider directly for the bill. Result: Direct to provider effectiveness with lump sum efficiency.

TempusLive: A proprietary cost management solution created for attorney demand packages. Compliments other demand package cost containment solutions (e.g., adjuster experience, bill review, professional review) by targeting the largest, most complex bills. Provides an actual accepted rate from the facility rather than a “reference price” benchmark which may deteriorate during negotiation. Accepted rate stands up in negotiations and eliminates much of the attorney-adjuster negotiation leakage that drives bodily injury severity.


Tempus ION: A national network leveraging non-surgical regenerative treatment options to create better outcomes for workers’ compensation patients and payers. Our partner clinics provide advanced regenerative treatment within the specialty area of Interventional Orthopedics

The traditional continuum of orthopedic care follows the course of pharmaceuticals to physical therapy and inevitably surgery. Interventional Orthopedics ‘intervenes’ this path giving a patient an alternative choice to surgery. These advanced treatments prevent the need for invasive orthopedic surgeries by using a patient’s own Orthobiologics  to heal themselves by way of outpatient, minimally invasive, image guided injections. Orthobiologics are natural biological substances within the body (blood platelets, stem cells and cytokines) that facilitate healing of musculoskeletal structures such as cartilage, bone, ligaments and tendons. 

Result: A better outcome for both employee and employer. Treatments are less invasive with less risk, provide faster recovery and return to work, and cost on average 80% less than surgery.

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